True Value

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is compare ourselves to someone or something else. We all have our own private thoughts we listen to all day every day, some thoughts are good for you but allot of us choose to listen and converse with the bad thoughts. Thoughts that have you thinking about some person, place or thing yesterday or tomorrow, and you have neither one, you only have the present moment you’ve found yourself in. It never matters what someone “your negative self” thinks of you, what only matters is what you “your positive higher self” think of yourself. And here is the point to it all, we all have thought or continue to think some things are internal and external of you. When the true reality is nothing is going on outside of you, you are perceiving every person, place or thing from within yourself. That process of thinking is going on at the same time. Remember this the next time you choose to ask advice from someone, why would you think someone else’s advice is more valuable than your own to yourself. You know both sides of the coin, weather you want to or not.

Today’s thought: Stop thinking about what other people want for you and what they see you doing and being, and start thinking and acting the way you intend to Be-come.

True Power

You always wonder how other people have power, you watch as other people exercise their power, and it stuns you as to how did they get it, they must be lucky. Luck has nothing to do with anyone having power, they determine in there mind that they have something they want to accomplish. When they start out towards there goals, you can bet that they have very little power, just a belief that they’re going complete there goals. As they began to listen to the God within themselves and take action, they then start to realize there power. Once the power button is pushed inside a person, weather good or bad, it’s no telling how far they’ll go, but you must remember, you reap what you sow. If you plant good thoughts, you get them in return, if you plant bad thoughts you get them in return. You must always be mindful of your thoughts, they make or break you. So write down a goal that you want to reach, and start out after it, with action, watch and see the different people, and all the circmstances you began attract in your life, just like magic, revealing your power to yourself.


True power, its within you: the answer you seek, the direction you want, and the power to be who ever you want to be. Your dreams are not yours by mere whim. They’ve been meticulously matched to the gifts you’re now developing. Designed to lure you within, where your true powers lie, and then out into the world, beyond imagined limitations and fears. Trust yourself. Listen to your heart. You have the right stuff, you know what to do, and it can all be yours by God’s permission.

Except Your Own

Now that you’re here, you’ve realized that everything you have and want are up to you and you alone. We always heard about the story of how grandmothers would pray for you, they would always say; lord please watch over my babies. Your mother would be up all hours of the night worried, hopping that you would get it right, and your father if there was one in the house would sit and have his own private concerns about you. When you were a child, you were cared for by your mother she would take responsibility for your actions, always trying to protect you from harm. She would teach and train you in right from wrong, so that hopefully you would grow to be fine young man or woman. Now that you’ve grown up, you can’t say mother, father or anyone else, your fate in life is totally up to you. You will try and blame everyone for your misfortune, not taking responsibility for anything, but all that is your life right now, you brought it, weather good or bad, you have to own it, and only YOU can decide and fix it.

When you begin to change your thoughts about yourself, your everything changes, as it is in the internal, show shall it be in the external. It’s truly a sight to see, when the inhabitants of any planetary civilization cross the tipping point and begin to individually accept complete and eternal responsibility for their own happiness. Yet, this hardly compares to the mountain quaking, body shaking, polarity-flipping, hero-making occurrences that transpire within you when such inhabitants graduate to accepting complete and eternal responsibility for their every twinge of unhappiness.

I Dare You

Remember when you were a child you would always have someone to dare you to do something, now that you’re an adult you’re scared to even dare yourself. We always fall into a trap will or wont I, a point of indecision, where you’re just stuck in time, wondering which way to go. Now is the time that you should determine in your mind that this is it, a new beginning, a fresh start with my life. A person who decides that this is the first day of the rest of there life is on there way to a life of miracles, that they are going to create. The dawning of that new day when the sun rises with a smile on its face, then you decide to give the sun back a smile of your own face, knowing all is well, and nothing can stop you now. You will wake thanking your creator as soon as you open your eyes, and ask the question; I wonder what life has for me today, who will I help along the way?

When you begin to love and love yourself, no matter what comes your way, you’ve found the hidden treasures that’s always been there. This is when the fun begins, all that you can dream of is yours and know one can take it away from you. Before this odyssey ever began, there was you, your best friends, and wide-eyed curiosity among you about who would be the first to leap, the first to forget, the first to kiss, the first to tell, the first to fall, the first to get back up, and the first to remember that it all began with a dare: to love in spite of it all.

What’s Your Favorite Movie?

There comes a time in all of our lives when we’re tired and fed up with the life we see from our eyes. You must remember that the movie that you’re watching outside of yourselves from your eyes is the one you wrote and now starring in. When you don’t like a movie you either choose not to go see it or you don’t even watch it. It’s the same with your lives, when you want to change the movie your looking at, change your mind to what you choose to watch “focus on”. Nothing, no script is ever written from without, it always starts within 1st.

If you can imagine it, you can have it. This is the name of the game. This is the lesson to learn. It couldn’t be any easier. Reality is not what your eyes show your mind, but what your mind creates for your eyes to see. You are not limited by logic, the past, or the world around you. You are not even of the world around you. You are supernatural, pure spirit. You came first. Magic, miracles, and luck are the consequences of understanding this, the inevitable result of dreaming “thinking” and acting in spite of appearances. You are ever so close. Simply stay the course. It won’t be very much longer.

Give, Give, Give

When you were child, you would get something and keep it to yourself, your mother may or may not tell you to share. You didn’t have a clue that there was a science to your sharing what you had, a principle to live by. I believe allot of us grew up and wasn’t as fortunate as others in what we had, our parent or parents did the best they could with what they had (which was LOVE). I would always wonder how if we didn’t have much, how could my mother feed the other hungry children in the neighborhood, but my mother knew there was a power in sowing and reaping. So as a child you saw an example of your mother doing something that you didn’t understand, but she knew that if you practiced it, you would be successful in anything you decided to undertake.

Those that don’t claim any religion can claim there way of life is Give, Give, Give, and you’ll be the better, because when you see or can imagine the look on someone else’s face, and the way they’ll feel when you give to them weather it’s (time, money, advice, etc. . .), be that blessing and two people get blessed at that moment. Remember giving tells the Universe that you believe you are provided for. For even as you empty your purse, you fear not. The act alone is a demonstration of faith that you will be replenished, and that love is what matters most. And for whomsoever believes these things to be true, it shall become their reality, and abundance shall be showered upon them unceasingly, as if the heavens had opened up

Take Action

In life we began to worry about the little things….. why haven’t I received my blessings. You can’t sit and wish for anything to happen, you have to make it happen. You know some people that always seem to be at the right place at the time, they always get what they need and desire. But you must understand something those people didn’t sit back and wish these things to happen, they went into action towards the things they thought and dreamed about, when they did that, they saw signs in the road telling them they were on the right road, they heard that small voice saying, keep going its right over the horizon. Actions makes actions happen, there will never be anything accomplished without action first, and the first action is thought, then you will be lead to your goal, if you follow the signs and listen.

Start today with actions on something you want, let nobody tell you, you can’t have it, because what you see, is for your eyes only. For those who ponder and wonder and wrestle with the idea of what it is they really want, I have an answer that each wholeheartedly agree with: “Happiness.” And for those who ponder and wonder and wrestle with exactly what will bring them true happiness, I have an answer that each would wholeheartedly disagree with: “Just do something, do anything, as soon as possible, and do it with care.” And I’d add, “Trust.”