It’s Not Your How

Do you know the main difference, Believer, between messing with the cursed hows and turning them over to Me?

Besides smoother, more radiant skin.
No, besides more free time.
No, besides more interest income.

Right! More laughter!
Yourself Universe


Make The Change Toward YOU!

Sometimes it may help to remember, Believer, that here within your higher self, everyone believes in you.

Are we cool, or what?
Yourself Universe

Cloud Number 9

It’s kind of like you’re now working as the caretaker of the most fabulous estate imaginable, with opulence, beauty and perfection that truly boggles the mind. And you work for some lofty, often whispered about, mysterious royal heir, who none have ever met, yet for whom legends abound.

An owner renowned for a brilliant sense of adventure, ingenious creativity, and outrageous self-imposed challenges.
And you’re so mesmerized by the winding paths, Believer, the immaculate gardens, coffered rock jetties and shimmering waterways, it just hasn’t dawned on you yet that this has been your greatest challenge of all . . . Your Highness.
You didn’t hear it from me
Yourself Universe

Your Canvass is Waiting

It’s kind of like there once existed this image, or better, an intangible undefined essence that yearned to be an image, to be defined, so it first created the ether.

And then, from the ether it created a painter who would paint this image onto a canvass.
And as the masterpiece was created -before paint had even dried – the eyes of the image stared inquisitively out into the world and at the painter who had painted it, and asked: Who am I? How did I get here? And you, dear painter, where did you come from?
And the painter answered not, Believer, too busy with her easels, colors, brushes and plans, to even know she had been addressed…
Yourself Universe

The Journey Within

They went looking for you awhile back, Believer. They heard rumors you were headed out on your own. That you had returned to the jungles of time and space. That you wanted to prove once and for all that dreams do come true, thoughts become things, and that all is exactly as it should be. That the size of a dream has no bearing on its ability to come true. That abundance, health and harmony are one’s default settings, and their attainment comes effortlessly when you invite them into your life with demonstrated expectation.

They wanted to tell you they already knew this.
Oh heck,
Yourself Universe

Show Up and Show Out

Often, Believer, simply showing up is enough.

Because the friends, abundance and health you now dream of possessing, have long been in place.
Because the coincidences, surprises, and serendipities that will transform your life, already lie in wait for your passing.
And because little else could speak louder of your belief in success, than physically putting yourself in a position to receive.
It’s fun to stay at the YMCA –
Yourself Universe


Of all the planets, of all the countries, of all the people, Believer, that you could have chosen to inhabit, call home, or become, that you chose as you did, could only mean one thing: Being a Believer, here and now, is what you most wanted, when making such decisions from the absolute zenith of your divine magnificence.

Yeah, you knew exactly what you were doing.
Can’t fool me –
Yourself Universe